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Wendy L. Anderson has written Of Demon Kind, the first in an epic fantasy series about the Kingdom of Jior. Book two, Redemption of the Fallen is now available in paperback and Kindle edition. Book three, Heirs of Jior continues the adventure in the series where King Lorn and Queen Lily's children face danger and adversity like never before. Book Four, Iron and the Arrow has more exciting and magical stories about the Ny-Failen. Book Five, The Last Ny-Failen, is the perfect final tale of the Kingdom of Jior. Get lost in this epic fantasy series! Find out about more books by Wendy L. Anderson here.

Of Demon Kind new cover.jpg
Redemption of the Fallen.jpg
Heirs of Jior new.jpg
IRON AND THE ARROW new cover.jpg
The Last Ny Failen new cover.jpg

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