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The Legends of Everclearing

Get lost in this new epic fantasy adventure.

The Legends of Everclearing is a spinoff  series exploring everything you loved in the Kingdom of Jior. 

New characters, and heart stopping adventures!

Killian The Assassin_NewCover.jpg

Killian the Assassin

Book One in the Legends of Everclearing

Assassin, thief, arrogant rogue…

Pagan drumming in Killian’s veins would never let his sword fail or his heart stop thirsting for blood. It felt as if the old gods gathered around him, waiting for blood to spill.

Killian the Assassin has been hired to guard the daughter of a wealthy Lord. Blackmailed into going on a perilous journey over treacherous seas, and among violent mountains, he faces danger and demons. Fighting the bloodlust that always follows him, Killian discovers a lonely, innocent girl who did not betray but has been betrayed. She deserves love and protection, but is he the one to give her what she needs? 

Tainted by the need for salvation, driven by sword lust, darkness follows them as together they become the first in the Legends of Everclearing.

Killian the Assassin! He’ll double-cross you, bed your wife, and steal your gold, all with a smile.

Arianne The Mistress.jpg

Arianne the Mistress

Book Two in the Legends of Everclearing

Arianne will stop at nothing to escape life as a prostitute, even committing murder.

She’s not just the Mistress of the Maiden’s Bower brothel, but a temptress and an alchemist. Arianne creates a euphoric and addictive elixir that she uses to give pleasure or bring death. Her seductive powers are legendary, and everyone wants a piece of the beautiful, Arianne.

Lord Elkan Torrent, her regular client at the brothel, has secrets of his own. Forced to reveal what is best left unknown, he has to leave her and travel his fated path. Arianne quickly learns not everything is revealed and the truth is not always as it seems. Running from the life she hates; Arianne avoids prosecution for her crimes and travels far across the sea to seek forgiveness for breaking Lord Torrent’s trust and spurning his love. There were rules she broke, battles she lost, and triumph in surrender.

Blind hope drives Arianne to find out the truth as she faces the uncertainty of love while Lord Torrent battles for his life in a never-ending war. How far will she go to assuage a broken heart? As far as the legendary Land of Everclearing.

Arianne the Mistress ~ find out if trust can be regained, love revived, and redemption won.

Tristram the Demon

A demon searching for redemption. A lonely girl searching for love. Will love and forgiveness be enough to escape the clutches of hell and open the gates of heaven?

After years of serving the Underworld, Tristram the demon recants his choice for hell and leaves his demonic life behind. As a consequence, he is relentlessly hunted and mortally wounded by his former brothers who are intent on taking him back to the land of the dead.

Vinaya, shunned by humankind as a witch, finds Tristram dying in the forest. She heals his wounds and helps him discover there are dual sides to his nature.

While Vinaya struggles to understand Tristram's true spirit, he grapples with the guilt and shame of his past life. As love binds them together, they journey to a mystical land called Everclearing that serves as the gateway to heaven. In a desperate appeal to the Ny-Failen of Everclearing, Tristram must prove that he has truly repented of his past sins. But is he worthy of redemption?

Unknown magic and new love are their only hope as Tristram and Vinaya struggle to stay together and save his soul. Will hell let him go and will heaven take him back?

As one of the Legends of Everclearing, Tristram the Demon is a standalone fantasy in this series. If you like a sweet love story, heart-stopping action, adventure, and a happily-ever-after ending, you’ll love Tristram the Demon. This is a swoon-worthy tale of sacrifice where love conquers all when redemption is a hope worth fighting for.

Book Three in the Legends of Everclearing

Conall The Strong_Final eBookCover.jpg

Conall the Strong

Book Four in the Legends of Everclearing

When courage is not enough...Conall the Strong is a gripping tale of love, sacrifice, and resilience, where two indomitable souls journey through darkness and adversity in search of the light that will forever free them.

In the shadowed depths of a brutal and unforgiving world, a tale of unyielding love and harrowing escape unfolds. Conall the Strong, whose physical strength knows no bounds, is held captive by ruthless slavers. Though he possesses the power to shatter his bonds at any moment, his heart is chained by a cruel twist of fate – the slavers have also imprisoned his twin sister and the woman he loves. Their lives are shackled to his failure, entwined within the merciless walls of a gold mine, where they toil endlessly.

Yearning for escape, Conall’s heart pulses with a relentless determination to right his past wrongs. Undertaking a heroic rebellion, they flee into the treacherous land of the Dark Waters, but evading their relentless pursuers proves to be a journey fraught with danger, where not all may emerge unscathed.

Kala, Conall's twin sister, possesses a hidden power as a Dream Walker, wielding magic to transcend her enslaved existence. Unbeknownst to her, the man of her dreams is not a mere phantom but a flesh-and-blood reality waiting for her beyond the confines of captivity. To secure the freedom she craves and to find love, Kala must summon the strength to break free from the chains that bind her and survive the search to find him.

Amidst the challenges of their perilous journey is the mystical allure of the Ny-Failen, and the beckoning promise of the City of Everclearing. Conall's unparalleled physical strength is put to the test, but it is his wounded spirit that threatens to shackle him once more.

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