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Iron And The Arrow
Book Four in the Kingdom of Jior Series

Iron and the Arrow is Book Four in the Kingdom of Jior Series - come experience tales of unbelievable adventure, power and magic in book four of the Kingdom of Jior.

The Kingdom of Jior is a wild and tumultuous place carved from hard granite and black crystal found deep in the heart of the Violent Mountains. Storm Rider, the untamed grandson of the King of Jior, can call the winds, tame the lightning, and soar with the thunder. Meurie, a half-human, half-Ny-Failen, has traveled from her home in the Violent Mountains to the streets of Jior to witness for herself the mythical Ny-Failen. When her path intersects with Storm Rider, he goes after her with a single-minded purpose, to stop at nothing to make her his, and take this wingless girl with him to ride the storms. A mysterious man barges his way into the nineteenth-birthday celebration for Mercy Rose, daughter of Jagged Edge and Princess Lyra Song. He is on a desperate mission and asks Queen Lililaira to travel through the most dangerous passes of the Violent Mountains to far away Hoarfrost Range. The Ny-Failen of Jior must set aside their fears and prejudices against him as he begs for the healing of a young innocent who lays dying. The truth has yet to be revealed if this man is Ny-Failen or one of demon-kind!

Iron and the Arrow Book Reviews:

"Iron and the Arrow is the fourth book in Anderson’s Kingdom of Jior Series. The book continues with the stories of the grandchildren of King Lorn and Queen Lililaira. Storm Rider, Mercy Rose and Rain Song all have adventures throughout the kingdom as they become adults. For those of us that have followed Anderson’s writing, this book is nothing short of thrilling. The characters leap from the page and the reader finds themselves participating in the struggles, fears, and joys that each experience." ~J. Walker

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