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Heirs of Jior
Book Three in the Kingdom of Jior Series

Heirs of Jior is Book Three in the Kingdom of Jior Series - perilous adventures await Lorn and Lily’s children in the third installment of the Kingdom of Jior series.

Princess Lyra Song, young and beautiful, stepping into maturity, pursues her hopes and dreams endeavoring to explore a betrothal with the Heir of Krickgold. However, when she is mistaken for a witch by a Lord from a neighboring country, her dreams are dangerously interrupted. Waylaid, taken prisoner and thrown into an iron cage, the delicate Princess of Jior is charged with a crime she didn't commit and she must do whatever it takes to escape or be wrongfully executed.

Prince Vannier of Jior, known as Little Wing, has been devastated by what happened to his sister Lyra Song, but life must go on and he goes forward with his plan to marry his childhood love. The day of the wedding ceremony he finds his betrothed with another man and now he must face devastating reality and some difficult choices. When his younger brother Dark Star goes missing, Vannier must set aside his own problems to go into the Violent Mountains and find who has taken his little brother. Amidst the turmoil of the hunt, Vannier must face danger, loss, and possible heartbreak.

Heirs of Jior Book Reviews:

"Extraordinary characters and extraordinary situations describe the lives and adventures of the three heirs of Jior. Each heir is uniquely depicted as if a long time friend whom the reader can relate to in a deeply sensitive way. The author has brilliantly described each heir full of love peace and harmony with selflessness shown towards family and kingdom. The suspense builds and holds the reader to the very end to discover the conclusion of each of the three heirs trials and tribulations, death- defying lives, to a life lived in a mystical place in time among those of power, wealth and reminds us of faith in family and friends. A definite page turner leading the reader to an anticipation of the next book to be published. ~Linda

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