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Greeting from the Green Chair!

Greetings from the Green Chair!

I hope you are doing well and staying healthy during these troubling times. While I am in quarantine and staying home for the sake of my loved ones and friends, and co-workers, I escape reality into the world of fantasy. There is nothing better than reading a good fantasy book about far off places, legendary people, mythical creatures, swords, and sorcery! The action and adventures take my mind off of sad and serious issues and lets me focus on something else for a while. Besides, those issues will always be there, it is how we handle them that is important.

I am approaching the finish line on the final book in my epic fantasy series. Book five will be out in June. The Last of the Ny-Failen will be a heroic end to the series. Here is the cover reveal and a synopsis to tantalize you!

The fifth and final novel of the Kingdom of Jior

“King Lorn,” Jagged Edge began, “some men have come.”

“What do they want?” King Lorn was slightly annoyed at being interrupted.

“Everything!” Jagged Edge’s voice was ominous as it rang out and that one word seemed to echo, a telling toll, a harbinger’s call of danger.

Is the future of Jior in the hands of humankind?

For 100 years King Lorn has ruled the Kingdom of Jior and the Ny-Failen have lived peacefully beside humankind. Now that peace is threatened by a looming civil war as some citizens of Jior try to take the throne for themselves. In the midst of these troubling times, a mysterious Ny-Failen woman has come to Jior bringing magical animals and strange powers, but will she be an ally or a deadly distraction? After a final bloody battle between the Ny-Failen and humankind, who will prevail in the fight to rule the Kingdom of Jior?

You can find the whole Kingdom of Jior fantasy series on Amazon, B&N, IngramSpark, and Draft-2-Digital.

You can buy book four, Iron and the Arrow and all of my books at any of the following links:

I would also love to hear from you through email or follow me on my website, Facebook or Instagram:

Instagram: wendyanderson7111

Hey! If you have not yet reviewed me on Amazon, B&N or Goodreads I humbly ask for a moment of your precious time to do so? Remember KISSR! Keep-it-simple-sweet-reader!

Thank you and have a great evening from Wendy L. Anderson in her refurbished green chair!

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