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Greetings from the Green Chair!

WOW! Where have I been! Lots of new stuff to reveal! New FB page updates, new covers, new books, New! New! New!

First, I’ve been diligently working on many different projects not the least of which is that I have republished my book one, Of Demon Kind. Today is release day for both the eBook and Kindle. I’m also on all Tolino, Kobo Apple, Baker&Taylor, B&N and Scribd!

Why you may ask did I republish a second edition? Well, it was just not perfect, there were some typos and formatting issues which needed to be addressed. The book is just too good (if I say so myself) not to have it perfect. So, all typing, spelling and grammatical errors have been addressed! Of course, having said that I’m sure someone will discover an error! I think that is the risk a self-published author takes.

You can find the second edition here! (In paperback and on Kindle.)

My second announcement is that I am in the final stages of having book four ready to publish. As it currently stands, it is with the Beta Reader and I will be getting it out within the next few months.

Please check out the new cover for Of Demon Kind, 2nd Edition! It is similar to the old one, but has been enhanced for the 2nd edition. Let me know what you think!

Hey! If you have not yet reviewed me on Amazon, B&N or Goodreads I humbly ask for a moment of your precious time to do so? Remember KISSR! Keep-it-simple-sweet-reader!

Also, you can find books one and two here:

For cool pictures and updates on my writing and the Kingdom of Jior epic fantasy series,

Of Demon Kind, New Cover!

follow me on Instagram at wendyanderson7111

Thank you and have a great evening from Wendy L. Anderson in her green chair!

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