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Greetings from the Green Chair!

Greetings from the Green Chair!

Just got back from the Texas Book Festival! First, Wow! What a massive event and Wow! What a great place! Austin is full of friendly and interesting people! I had an awesome time and met some new friends along the way!

Book one in the Kingdom of Jior book series, Of Demon Kind, sold out in the first day! I was overwhelmed with gratitude. By the second day of the festival I was only left with a few copies of book two and three. I was thrilled by the number of people who bought the whole series! It was a very humbling and gratifying experience to be there. I loved interacting with the people!

I also met other writers and (my favorite) aspiring writers. Suffice it to say, I could talk all day and night about writing and I love to hear about other people’s projects. It was a dream come true to be at the Texas Book Festival!

In other news; Book four is done! It is on the way. I am planning a release date of December 11th! Just in time for Christmas! You can find the whole series on Amazon, B&N, IngramSpark, and Draft-2-Digital.

Want more? Check out my free short-story called the Road to Jior on this website. Here is a quick synopsis for this quick read.

The Road to Jior is a tale about two of the Ny-Failen from the land of Celtica who head toward the Kingdom of Jior in search of the freedom to be what they are! As they make their way to Jior in search of acceptance by those of their kind, they face unimaginable dangers on The Road to Jior.

I hope you enjoy this free short story!

You can find out more about my books here:

You can also find the second edition of, Of Demon Kind here! (In paperback and on Kindle.)

Hey! If you have not yet reviewed me on Amazon, B&N or Goodreads I humbly ask for a moment of your precious time to do so? Remember KISSR! Keep-it-simple-sweet-reader!

Also, you can find books one and two here:

For cool pictures follow me on Instagram at wendyanderson7111

Thank you and have a great evening from Wendy L. Anderson in her green chair!

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