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Greetings from the Green Chair!

I just wanted to share a few exciting updates and tell you what’s new with me and my writing! You may have noticed my new logo! How cool is that! It should show up on my FB page, my Instagram, emails, etc.

I never realized the hours of research and agonizing contemplation a logo takes. Even though I have the best, easiest to work with designer, Tatiana Villa of Vila Designs, there is always that trepidation that comes with it. Am I doing the right thing for my author brand? Am I picking the right graphics? Will this logo appeal to my readers? A thousand questions and doubts go through my mind. Does my new logo make you want to find out more about my fantasy books?

It's just like releasing a new book. I always get weirded-out when I release a book or even think of releasing a book. It doesn’t matter the book. The fear, excitement, stress, worry, and self-consciousness gets its claws in me and won’t let go! Writing is my passion and so it's hard to put myself out there. Then there is always that feeling like you're throwing a party, inviting thousands of people, and no one comes despite the fact that I have a beautiful gourmet food to eat, wine and champagne and gorgeous decorations. Still, I think my newest release, A Cut Twice as Deep, is a great love/action/adventure story. I love it! It is one of my favorites, but then again, they are all my favorite! I hope at least people enjoy the beautiful cover.

Here is an unknown tidbit about my newest release:

My book, A Cut Twice as Deep, did not always have that title. I have to admit, it is not my favorite. The original title was “Blood and Ice!” I know! Fabulous right? It was also taken. There were a number of books already titled with Blood and Ice and a number with variations of that, that were already published. So, I had to start from square one.

I struggled with that book title a lot to tell the truth. Usually book titles just pop into my head and I run with it from page one. However, it is always wise to do the research to make sure no other book has that title. If you read the book you'll know right away why I ended up with the current title; A Cut Twice as Deep.

The newest review for A Cut Twice as Deep is out. I must say I am always flattered when bloggers like my work and give me four or five stars. Please read Jennie Reads’ review. You can find it here:

Hey! Let me know what you think of the new logo! I always appreciate constructive feedback.

If you have not yet reviewed me on Amazon, B&N or Goodreads I humbly ask for a moment of your precious time to do so? Remember KISSR! Keep-it-simple-sweet-reader!

For cool pictures follow me on Instagram at wendyanderson7111

I would also love to hear from you through email or follow me on my website (just go to the About/Contact page and subscribe), Facebook or Instagram:

Thank you so much for stopping by and go and enjoy the fantasy!

Have a great day from Wendy L. Anderson in her refurbished green chair!

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