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Greetings from the Green Chair

Today is release day for my Kingdom of Jior Box Set! This is a digital collection of all five books in the series. Just like binge-watching a favorite show on TV, my entire series can be binge-read!

It has been a dream to create my fantasy world of Jior that began with Of Demon Kind and ends with The Last Ny-Failen. I remember the day I sat down and grabbed a fragment of a story I started back when I was in high school! I reflected on how long it had been since I wrote anything, and I thought “why not!”

At age 18 I wrote the fragment along with some character descriptions and Lorn of Jior was born! It was such a surprise to actually finish the book and then have people like it. Reviews have been favorable, and those comments have kept me writing and made me feel like I could make my dream of becoming a published author, a true reality. Additionally, I have learned so much that it has been a valuable life lesson for me never to discount a dream as unobtainable.

Five books later I look back at that collection of work and I am stunned by how they all turned out. I love the characters and the adventures, the kingdom, and honestly, I miss them now that the series is complete.

I have given many hours of thought to writing a prequel. While it is not as easy a story as the other books in the series, I believe it is possible. So, I have begun the prequel to Of Demon Kind and the Kingdom of Jior fantasy book series. I hope that people who read the entire collection will be eager for the prequel.

I have a few other projects in the works in addition to the prequel which doesn’t even have a title yet. Since my writing time is limited, I work on them as often as I can which is a fancy way of saying I have no idea when they will be ready. You can’t rush good fantasy, I keep thinking. Never fear, the stories pop up in my mind so frequently I can’t keep from writing!

The Kingdom of Jior Box Set is available for pre-order in the Kindle Store here.

That is all the news I have for now! Stay tuned for exciting reveals on what I am working on and what is next for Wendy L. Anderson.

Don’t forget to pre-order your ebook of my stand-alone time travel romance "Ulrik" or set your calendars to order the beautiful paperback on February 24th!

Until next time, enjoy the fantasy! Take care of yourself!

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