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Greetings from the Green Chair!

Today I thought it appropriate to talk a bit about my writing itself. I am in a constant state of learning when it comes to writing. My debut book was not as good as my seventh book which demonstrates that I am always trying to improve and hone my craft. I also cross genres in my books such as adding romance or time-travel to my fantasy. They combine well like hot fudge and vanilla ice cream, or wine and…well…anything.

My books cross the genres of fantasy and romance because I am a romantic at heart. I wouldn’t stop there though; I’d also say I mix sword and sorcery with adventure fantasy with a little bit of fairy tale add in the mix. I think that combining the genres makes the story more appealing in that it allows me as an author to branch out and take the story in a direction that, if it were real, it would naturally go. A few of my reviews say that they are not normally fantasy book readers or romance readers but that my stories are changing their minds. This, as an author, is the greatest compliment and keeps me going in the wee hours of the night when discouragement tries to sink in its claws in my heart because of low review numbers.

Though I have been criticized for crossing genres, I think it makes for a fuller, more developed story and breaks out of the plain-old fantasy reahlm into a world filled with adventure, sword and sorcery, and yes, romance.

That is what my new and upcoming books are bringing to you, so keep reading and I will keep writing.

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