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Greetings from the Green Chair!

I can't believe it has been so long since by last blog.! You may have been wondering what has Wendy L. Anderson been doing all this time? Well! I've been writing! I started a new fantasy series called The Legends of Everclearing.

The name for this new series came from votes from my readers and I love it! I've tried to involve my subscribers and followers in every step of the creation of this new series! Now, the final product, the first book in the series is ready to go. Just released today, Killian the Assassin. I really love this book. It has new characters intent upon finding the mythical, heavenly City of Everclearing. Killian, an assassin, thief and arrogant rogue, has been hired to guard a young, innocent girl on a perilous journey. Things are not always as they seem as Killian finds out. He faces danger, demons and unexpected romance along the way.

Another thing I love about this book is that it has the best of the world created in the Kingdom of Jior but starts out on the nearby island of Celtica. You may remember from Heirs of Jior, my character Jagged Edge was from Celtica. Also, this new series has everything you love about the Ny-Failen, but you do not have to read the Kingdom of Jior series to know what is going on in this one. Although, this series is enhanced by having read that series it is a standalone. Check out Killian the Assassin, book one in the Legends of Everclearing for your next fantasy read.

The next book is half-finished, so you won't have as long to wait until you hear from me again! Until then, enjoy the fantasy!

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