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Greetings from the Green Chair!

Confession time, I'm in a weird state of sadness and loss. Here is what I mean. I just finished the final draft of my next book, Tristram the Demon, book three in the Legends of Everclearing series. The reason I am sad is because...the writing part is over. I miss my characters, the adventure, danger and romance they lived through in my mind's eye. I feel that way every time I finish writing a book.

I went through a number of drafts, editing, perfecting, completing the story and I sent it off for engineering review. Anyone who has read my newsletter and blog knows that engineering review means, I gave it to my husband to read.

Now, I know, I know, an author should never let family members edit their book and a husband most likely will give a biased opinion. My finishing process doesn't end there. As a person with an engineering mind, my husband looks for things that logically make sense and points out errors. He is not a reader (well, except for my books) and so his focus is more on if the story makes sense. His curiosity, attention to detail, pension for problem solving, and analytical thinking, means his feedback is of a more practical, structural nature. Since he is always honest with me I feel like I am getting non-biased comments back. I have never once had to kick him to the couch for his feedback and opinions.

Don't worry, I don't stop there. The next step in my process is to send the book off to my professional editor. She goes through with the hawk-eye of an editor looking for everything a good editor looks for with strict instruction to be brutally honest.

After making any corrections from her, I print it on paper, I download it to my Kindle and I re-read, tweak, and perfect the book while being sure the formatting is correct. The process of reading the book in different formats always reveals a typo or two or grammatical error and better puts my brain at ease that the story is ready for publishing. Then I hold my breath and dive into releasing the book.

So, even though I miss Tristram the Demon and the other characters in this book, I am excited to get it published so that my readers can enjoy it as well. The perfectionist in me always worries that something wrong slips through and it does happen, but I have to go on.

This story is special. It deals strongly with the theme of redemption, regrets, hope for love and salvation. It is a highly emotional story and I hope, it makes you think. The action and danger in this book is more dramatic and critical to the characters and their eternal destiny is on-the-line, on every page.

I hope you're looking forward to Tristram the Demon. I'll have the cover reveal, full blurb and publication date coming up soon. Until then, I hope you are enjoying Killian the Assassin and Arianne the Mistress, the first two Legends of Everclearing. You don't have to read those to understand Tristram the Demon. Those Legends of Everclearing certainly enrich your understanding of the setting and the characters I have created from the beginning in the Kingdom of Jior five-book fantasy romance series. Believe me when I say Tristram the Demon is an unforgettable story that stands on its own.

Until next time, enjoy the fantasy!

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