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Greetings from the Green Chair!

I don’t often toot my own horn. It is a hard thing for me to do, but as an indie author, I need to. From a marketing perspective, it is a must.

One of my books I need to market better is my stand-alone time-travel fantasy romance, Ulrik. This is not your typical time-travel romance. There is no Doctor Who time travel machine, I handle time travel very differently. The main characters are an 11th-century Viking and a 21st-century woman cast back in time, not forward in time. Even so, time-travel is not the main story element. You get forced proximity, renewal, and second chances as the main tropes, in addition to the time-travel and romance elements.

I am a huge fan of insta-love, though I recognize not everyone is. As a result, I handle it very carefully, so that it is made believable and not rushed. With Ulrik and Tessa, I asked myself, what would I do if I were cast back in time, given a second chance at life, and my only company was a gorgeous young, virile Viking who hadn’t seen a woman in two years? Well, read the book and find out.

One of the other difficulties for an indie author is getting reviews. I don’t have a bottomless marketing budget, so can’t pay for reviews or expensive review services. I feel like I have resorted to everything else, including begging. The result is still, low reviews, though the books sell well. I just don’t understand it.

Some of the reviews I’ve received for Ulrik are heart-warming and can give you an indication of why you should read Ulrik.

“Wendy L. Anderson’s writing is absolutely beautiful. It is so easy to get lost in her writing. I was intrigued from the beginning and I was obsessed until the end.”

“A very original, sweeping tale. Captivating characters and a host of really inventive ideas draw you in and keep you drawn in throughout.”

“This book is an amazing combo of sci-fi, fiction, and fantasy. I loved it and could not put it down!”

“This book is a really interesting take on the sci-fi genre. In fact, it's a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and romance, and I think it works beautifully. I enjoyed the writing style and the wonderful world-building. The whole world is so vivid, the characters are lovely and unique, and the plot is amazing, I totally got lost in the story. This has been an amazing read and I highly recommend it to all sci-fi, fantasy, and romance fans, I think everyone can find something for them in this novel.”

Many of my reviews express a desire for a follow-up book, and I confess, I do have one in the works, but it is a low priority. I need more people to review the book one and express more of an interest in the storyline before I can commit to it.

Would you like a book two following up on Ulrik? I can promise another amazing read with some exciting twists. Tell me what you think. Email me, comment on Facebook or Instagram, or contact me here or on my website.

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