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Greetings from the Green Chair!

Happy Memorial Day! It is a dark and stormy evening here in Colorado and perfect weather for writing! I love it! The clouds loom dark above, thunder rumbles in the distance and the mountain peaks look misty and dark. The rain is just beginning to fall and the stage is set for the perfect time to talk about my favorite character from Jior, King Lorn. Also, known as Forlorn Icefall of the Ny-Failen. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I have detailed character descriptions of all my characters listed on my Facebook page and don’t want to reiterate too much but check it out on my Facebook page, #OfDemonKind and #KingdomofJior. Lorn is by far my favorite creation. The first Jiorian. His strength, passion and desire to be a better man and rectify the mistakes of his past, are some of my favorite aspects of his character and emotional make-up. Not forgetting his outstanding physical characteristics; tall, albino skinned, muscular with long white hair, he is beautiful and the epitome of an angel from the Heavens. Despite the fact or maybe because of it, his being half-human and raised to believe that he was half-demon assisted my intention for him to be larger than life, larger than any human and so insanely cool and complicated that he out shone any other character in my books. He just had to be-the best! I am revealing to you now that I really had not planned on making him winged. At the risk of giving away a spoiler alert from Book one, Of Demon Kind, I will tell you that I did not know he had wings until he was standing in the clearing of the forest where the Black Sorcerer’s castle was. Lorn was contemplating going to rescue the Princess from Skoria whom he discovered was a prisoner of the Black Sorcerer. I was watching the story unfold in my mind and writing it all down when all of the sudden he shrugged and shape-shifted and beautiful white wings unfurled. What a sight! I was shocked! Then I had to go back through the beginning of the story and do some re-writes. How insanely awesome! After that the story unfolded beautifully. Read, Of Demon Kind, to find out more. Additionally, I had originally written his wings to have blue, sharp knife-like tips that shone like blue steel, but I changed that out as the story developed and his wings became beautifully white feathered with an iridescent shine... angelic! About Lorn; I had a pre-publishing manuscript evaluation note: “the concept of humans defeating, even intimidating, immortals is refreshing (not even Ann Rice Thought of that!)” and it was so cool to me that someone, having read my book could get that intended depth of my character Lorn! I try to reveal important parts of the story and details about my characters and places without coming right out and saying them. I hope others noticed because I feel like it brings depth to the story, a back-story/set-up, and builds a beautiful fantasy. King Lorn is in all my stories about the Kingdom of Jior. Of course, he is one of the main characters in Book 2, Redemption of the Fallen. I think he is even bigger and more bad-ass in the second book as he fights for his loved ones and the Kingdom of Jior. You can find both books on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles. I hope you check them out and remember is it so important to post a review. It helps me immensely and enables me to publish more stories about the Kingdom of Jior and King Forlorn Icefall. Tune in next Monday and I’ll reveal how I came up with the name “Forlorn Icefall” and more about his elusive mother. Until then, enjoy the fantasy!

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