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Greetings from the Green Chair

Greetings from the Green Chair!

Well, here is a bit of exciting news! I have recently been featured in a book called, ‘How to Stand Out From The Crowd With Your Book Marketing’ by Claire H. Perkins!!! A portion of my back cover book blurb from book two in the Kingdom of Jior series, ‘Redemption of the Fallen,’ has been featured in the section, “Writing the Best Book blurb.” I am thrilled.

It is very encouraging to have something that was worked on painstakingly and be acknowledged as good, appealing, done well or a good example of what to do.

I have to say book blurbs don’t come easy and can take as much time to write as does a whole chapter. However, I am happy to know that I have done it correctly. That means my book blurb accomplishes the goal of enticing a potential reader into wanting to read my book. There is no better compliment than someone who wants to read my book.

Also, my lovely website has been featured as an example of a marketing website. Claire H. Perkins is responsible for the design and creation of this website and I love it.

Here it is direct from Claire H. Perkins’ book: which can be purchased here:

Anyway I hope you are enjoying these Greetings from the Green Chair. Tune in next week for more exciting news about #OfDemonKind and #RedemptionoftheFallen You can also buy both books on Barnes and Nobles.

Thank you stopping by and see you again soon!

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