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Greetings from the Green Chair!

Greetings from the Green Chair!

Good evening! Today I thought an in-depth description of the main character of my book Of Demon Kind was in order. (Warning, might be a bit of a spoiler or two in here.) I think this will lend my readers a deeper understanding of Lorn of Jior. Some of the characteristics are integral to understanding his motivations and deeper character. Part of my excitement of writing is developing my characters personalities, motivations and goals. Lorn is by far the most developed and the most interesting. From Lorn all the stories in the Kingdom of Jior series develop. He goes from being a lone wolf to the King of a great nation. This is him from the beginning.

Prince Lorn of Jior, also called “the Demon Prince” is the commander of the demon armies of Jior. He is the son of a malevolent human King and a demon mother who deserted him as a young child. Demons give him their allegiance because he is considered one of them and, being winged, he is far superior to them. Five years after his father’s defeat and death, Lorn is all that is left of a once great kingdom. He falls into the depths of despair and wallows in his father’s defeat and only wants to be left alone. The human kingdoms of Vedt won’t let him fade into obscurity and Lorn is faced to rise up from the ashes of his depression and go out into the world once again. His main reason for leaving the crumbling walls of Jior is simply to get Lan-Loe the Red Sorcerer off his back. He heads out into the Violent Mountains to clear his name that has been newly associated with violent attacks taking place throughout the land of Vedt. His driving motivation is to fight for his land and castle which is all he has left. In the depths of his heart, his desire is to avoid adding to the sins already heaped deeply upon his soul for his past deeds. Prince Lorn has no interest in regaining Jior’s former glory, but he will risk imprisonment and death to clear what is left of his name and save Jior.

In book two Redemption of the Fallen, Lorn becomes King Lorn of Jior and also learns he is part of a race from the Heavens. His true name is revealed to him, Forlorn Icefall, given to him by his mother. I think learning his true history in book two, continues the evolution in him. From leaving behind the tragic demon prince he once was to become a true king from the Heavens, reveals his true redemption from an evil demon prince to a truly good ruler.

Last, Lorn’s change from bad to good is the final thwart to his father’s plans for him and that is Lorn’s greatest achievement as he starts and continues to build Jior again.

I hope you are enjoying these Greetings from the Green Chair and my series #KingdomofJior. Tune in next week for more exciting news about #OfDemonKind and #RedemptionoftheFallen. You can buy both books on or Barnes and Nobles.

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