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Greetings from the Green Chair

Greetings from the Green Chair!

Good evening! I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about how to measure success? What is the measure of success? Is it achieving a personal goal? Is it having fame and fortune? I think for me I just want my, to be cliché, slice of the pie. I’d like greater success with my book sales and more reviews of course, I want people to want to read more of my work and to look forward to future books… the whole 90. However, when I see reviews like this one, I get all warm and fuzzy and think, “Wow! I’ve done it!” It is a small amount of success and though I’d like 1,000 more reviews like this one, I guess I have to build the castle brick-by-brick and this is one of those bricks!

A review of my book Redemption of the Fallen which is book two in the Kingdom of Jior series, has been published in a digital magazine “Indie Writers Review Issue” by Red Cape Publishing. You can find it at I can only hope it leads to books sales and happy readers. In reality, what it means is that I will be able to continue to write. It is the emotional boost I needed and a kick-in-the-pants to keep going.

Of course, in order to continue to be successful, I need readers and reviews. I’m in hopes that this leads to something bigger! Here’s hoping!

I hope you are enjoying these Greetings from the Green Chair and my series #KingdomofJior. Tune in next week for more exciting news about #OfDemonKind and #RedemptionoftheFallen. You can buy both books on or Barnes and Nobles.

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